Mental Coaching

Do you feel dissatisfied in your life and don’t really know why?

Do you feel unappreciated in your personal or professional life?

Do you suffer from low self-esteem?

Do you desire more zest for life and success
in your professional or personal life?

As a mental coach, I will help you to get to the bottom of these issues and to build resilience for the challenging situations in life, such as separations, illnesses, dismissals and pandemics. You do not have to be alone in dealing with these challenging times.
Mental coaching helps many areas of life and working with me will assist you to get:

Clarity about challenging issues
Assistance through valuable approaches
New perspectives and points of view
The ability to recognise the positive in challenging situations

You will be able to emerge strengthened
from negative situations into the future!

The Power of Thinking

There is a proverb that says: “We are what we think”.
If we constantly think negative thoughts, we feel bad, unhappy and it paralyzes our actions. However, if positive thoughts dominate, hormones are released in the brain that motivate us, make us happy and help us to be successful.
Through coaching with me, you can become aware of your thoughts, emotions and reactions, seek and develop new ways and solutions. Individual coaching is available in person or online.

How we perceive our thoughts, what we feel, how we react to them and how we act is solely determined by the subjective world of each individual, which is often shaped by previous experiences. 

Bring more of your undiscovered and unactivated positive thinking to the surface and realize your full potential.

I would be happy to send you information about my offers and the modalities without obligation.
Please just get in touch with me.

Often one hour is sufficient, but sometimes 2-3 coaching sessions are needed. We would be happy to see together after the first appointment which path I would recommend to you. This is actually quite different and cannot be answered in such a general way.
You are welcome to make a note of the topics or questions that are most important to you in advance. For me there is no need to prepare in advance, as I will always accompany you individually according to your needs. Please bring sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing and a notepad.
No. Even if you are afraid of horses this is no obstacle to have an unforgettable coaching experience. I will gently guide you and ensure your safety.
Usually about one to one and a half hours.

I would be happy to send you information about my offers and the modalities without obligation. Please just get in touch with me.

Yes, I am happy to have a free 30 min. get-to-know-you conversation with you in person, on the phone, or via video call.

All coaching sessions with horses take place on our estate in Portugal in the southern Alentejo. You have the possibility to rent a vacation home with us and combine vacation with personality development. ( Info about the vacation homes you can find here: ) Of course there are also other accommodation possibilities nearby. We are happy to help you find the right one.

Faro and Lisbon Airport are about 1.30h or 1.45h away by car.

No, the kitchens in the holiday homes are well equipped to prepare something to your own taste. If you don’t want to cook for yourself, you will find a variety of restaurants with delicious portuguese and international dishes in the vicinity and on the beaches.

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