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Yoga, Horse Wisdom & Pranayama

Our Yoga, Horse Wisdom and & Pranayama Retreat is unique in every possible way. In this retreat, you will really come to understand many fundamental aspects of asana (yoga postures) and how they work to help YOU as an individual in your own practice.

Equine Embodyment, horses drumming and dance

Quinta da Sernadinha Aldeia do Cano, CP767, Cercal do Alentejo, Portugal

Equine embodiment drumming and dance is a unique practice that combines rhythmic drumming and mindful movement with the presence of horses. It often involves participants learning how to interact with  horses, fostering a sense of connection  towards the herd and our relationship with the land through the ancient arts of dance, music, song, and the […]

Horsewisdom und Paintflow for Women

We invite you to participate in our upcoming transformative retreat, Horsewisdom & Paintflow  unleashed.   We come together to find a new dynamic into your freedom. This retreat is not just a course, it is a journey, designed to take you unforgettable into the depths of your personal development.   The retreat takes place in the enchanting surroundings of Alentejo - the southwest […]

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