Trauma Therapy

Trauma pedagogy applies scientific knowledge, psycho-traumatic analysis and educational theory to equine-assisted work.

Goals of trauma therapy are:

Enabling positive relationship experiences in order to make clients feel embraced, recognised and supported
Reinforcing self-awareness of sensations and emotions
Providing support with the regulation of emotions and impulses
Activating coping strategies, self-empowerment through biography work, and self-help
As a rule, unfortunately, no. However, there are exceptions in Germany. Please clarify this with your health insurance fund. Talk to your doctor beforehand, he or she can issue a prescription. The prescription must describe the diagnosis and the therapy goal or application. Various support associations and organisations can also help under certain conditions.


This depends on individual factors and various other factors such as the diagnosis, the physical condition, etc. If it is about a physical improvement, it can be helpful.

This cannot be answered universally and depends on the diagnosis and the severity of the illness.

Clients sitting on the horse are welcome to bring their own helmet (also bicycle helmet). Please wear sturdy shoes and comfortable trousers - at least knee length. In summer, a hat and sunscreen are advisable. Depending on the therapy you are taking part in, it is also advisable to bring a notebook and something to write with. If you wish, you can thank the horse with an apple or a carrot after the session.

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