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Yoga, Horse Wisdom & Pranayama

Our Yoga, Horse Wisdom and & Pranayama Retreat is unique in every possible way. In this retreat, you will really come to understand many fundamental aspects of asana (yoga postures) […]

Equine Embodyment, horses drumming and dance

Quinta da Sernadinha Aldeia do Cano, CP767, Cercal do Alentejo, Portugal

Equine embodiment drumming and dance is a unique practice that combines rhythmic drumming and mindful movement with the presence of horses. It often involves participants learning how to interact with  […]

Horsewisdom und Paintflow for Women

We invite you to participate in our upcoming transformative retreat, Horsewisdom & Paintflow  unleashed.   We come together to find a new dynamic into your freedom. This retreat is not just a course, it […]

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